Slate Sphere Specifications

Water feature location

The slate sphere feature can be situated anywhere in the garden; for water features or light sculptures you will need an electrical supply. Although the products are all heavy, the they are created in sections so that they can be lifted into position by two people, thus avoiding the need for any heavy lifting equipment. 

Water feature sump

The majority of installations site the slate sphere at ground level with the sump buried below. The sump holds the reservoir that collects the water below the water feature as it flows off the slate sphere. The pump in the reservoir pumps the water back out of the top of the feature. The sump has a lid that is covered with slate pieces. 

Pond Installation

It is an option for all the slate sphere feature to sit at the water level in a pool. The best way to do this is to use a concrete pillar to support the sphere at the desired height. If you are considering a pond water feature, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Slate sphere weight

650mm diameter  -  160kg
800mm diameter  -  300kg
1m diameter  -  550kg
1.2m diameter  -  800kg

 Sphere weight can variy by 10%.

Click on the diagrams to view detailed specifications for each Watersphere™ size.