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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions.

Are the Waterspheres™ heavy?
Yes, slate in itself is a heavy stone and with added products in the manufacturing used to assemble the slate pieces together, it makes for quite a heavy feature. The larger the Watersphere™ the heavier it is. It is all very secure. In the installation process a concrete base is laid below the sump reservoir. Within the reservoir itself we provide and additional concrete column to take the weight of the Watersphere™ and the sump reservoir has a reinforced plastic lid. The feature itself is glued to the lid, so there is not risk of it collapsing or tumbling off!
Are they low maintenance?
YES! Cornish slate requires minimal maintenance, making it a practical choice for many applications. It is highly resistant to staining, easy to clean, and does not require regular sealing or treatments. This aspect makes it a cost-effective option in the long run.
Can a solar powered pump be used?
Yes, there are some solar powered pumps on the market. This would be at an additional cost and we can also discuss what is needed with this in our consultation. You would need to keep in mind that a solar powered pump would mean that the feature would only run when there is sufficient amount of sun.
Can I choose any size in either of the two types of slate?
Yes, during the consultation process we ask for the size and type of slate you would prefer.
Can I have a water feature on a Pond?
Yes, We can make a column to the height of the water in your pond for the sphere to sit on at water level. This can give the illusion that the sphere is floating on the water.
Can I have lights around the feature?
Yes our water features look great lit up, check out our gallery for inspiration. We recommend to use small spike lights. We however, don't provide these.
Can my landscaper install the sump reservoir?
Yes. If you are having your garden landscaped and want to get all the messy prep out of the way as such before you have the Watersphere™ installed, we can send the sump reservoir up ahead for your landscaper to install.
Can my landscaper install the Watersphere™?
Yes. We can send the Watersphere™ as well as everything else you need to get it set up, including the sump reservoir, pump and loose slate chippings. We provide instructions of how to assemble the Watersphere™ and Jeremy is always on hand to talk it through.
Can the feature run all year round?
Mostly yes. We only recommend turning the feature off in sustained periods of freezing weather or if you are planning on going away for any period of time during the hot months. This is simply because if there is no flowing water in the sump reservoir either due to loss of water through evaporation or through frozen water, the pump runs dry and the motor burns out.
Can we meet Jeremy?
YES! He attends the shows throughout the year and he is involved in most of the installations of the spheres.
Can you ship abroad?
Yes! we have sent our Watersphere™ by pallet for the client to assemble themselves. We have shipped to Isle of Wight, Jersey and Guernsey as well as Portugal. We would require the shipping postcode to be able to obtain a quote for you.
Do I need a water supply?
No it's not required as the sump reservoirs can easily be filled up by running a garden hose on it. If possible a water supply can be added, to avoid topping up throughout the summer months. You would need to consult your builder about this but we can connect it up.
Do I need electric?
Yes, the pump inside runs off mains electric. There is about 8m of spare cable to reach an external socket. Alternatively, your electrician can run an armored cable under ground to the edge of the sump reservoir and join the connection through a wiska box.
Do I need to clean the water feature?
Yes, as with anything containing water, algae and blanket weed can build up. We leave you with a product from Oase called Algo Universal which helps to control this. Every now and then your water feature may need a change of water and a brush down. We provide you with aftercare instructions. Cornish slate itself is highly durable, making it suitable for exterior use. It is resistant to weathering, water absorption, and other environmental factors. This durability ensures that the slate can withstand the test of time and maintain its appearance for many years.
Do you have a showroom?
Not yet!, but we do have some water features in public places to view. We regularly attend 3 RHS shows throughout the year, RHS Chelsea Flower show, RHS Hampton court Flower show and RHS Tatton Flower show. Jeremy also attends a few other local shows throughout the UK, Read our News and Shows pages to find out more information.
Do you offer a bespoke service?
Yes - please enquire with us if you have a different idea. Our slate is deliberately rounded for the majority of ours spheres but if you prefer a sharper look, we can do this!
How do the features work?
The water features are self contained units. The Watersphere™ sits on top of a sump reservoir that is filled with water. The pump that sits in the sump reservoir, pumps the water up the centre of the feature. The water then cascades down around the sphere and falls back into the sump. The sump reservoir can be hidden and buried in the ground or it can sit at ground level and we provide a steel edging (at a small extra cost) to cover the sump reservoir?
How do you stop the water feature going green?
You can use water feature treatment solution. There are several on the market. These can also be environmentally and pet friendly, so your dog is not at risk if they fancy a quick drink from the feature!
How often do I have to top up the water?
This varies depending on a number of factors. The size of your sphere and the weather being the two made factors. During the summer months they will need topping up more than winter for example. You can access the hatch in the sump reservoir to see the water level or this can easily be viewed in our semi spheres. Simply leaving the hose at the base of the sphere after you have watered your garden for a number of minutes would surfice.
I'm not sure what size sphere to have for my garden, can you help with this?
Yes absolutely. Throughout the consultation process we can discuss your garden and where you are considering having the feature. Points to consider are often; the size of the sump reservoir needed, where the power source is, where you can enjoy the feature both through sound and sight, perhaps near a seating area? We try to cover all of the options to help you best decide, the type of slate to use and the size of sphere.
Is it handmade?
Yes, we have just recently being approved by trading standards to obtain the MadeInCornwall certificate. All our water features are hand-built by skilled craftsmen in Cornwall. Jeremy goes to the local quarry himself to select the best slate to work with. This is then bought back to the workshop to split, shape and mold by hand by our team.
We have no external access to our garden, can a water feature still be installed?
Our features are unique in that they are made in ringed sections. This enables them to be lifted into any garden by two people and therefore no lifting equipment is needed. This is much more time efficient and cost effective than perhaps others that are needed to be craned in.
What are the benefits of having a water feature in my garden?
Having a water feature in your garden can bring a number of benefits. Aesthetic appeal: Water features can enhance the beauty and visual appeal of any space. They provide a calming and soothing atmosphere and can be visually stunning. Relaxation and stress relief: The sound of flowing water is known to be relaxing and can help reduce stress and anxiety. Sitting by a water feature and listening to the sound of water can help create a peaceful and serene environment. Ecosystem support: A well-designed water feature can attract birds, butterflies, and other wildlife, creating a mini-ecosystem in your backyard. This can provide a sense of connection with nature and promote biodiversity. A Jeremy Hastings slate Watersphere™ adds another element of a tactile nature. Reduce your stress, improve your well being and enjoy the wildlife.
What are the difference between the two types of slate?
The slate, although sourced from the same quarry, can either be pure grey or the rustic, with the brown undertones running through it. The brown color seen in slate is typically derived from the presence of iron oxide minerals. These minerals can vary in their composition and concentration, resulting in different shades of brown. The brown color may also come from other impurities or weathering processes that affect the slate over time. The presence of brown in slate can add warmth and character to its overall appearance.
What can be used to cover the sump reservoir lid?
We provide the matching loose slate chippings to cover at no extra cost. If you wish for a different finish this will need to be sourced by yourself.
What is included if I buy a Watersphere™
When you purchase one of our Waterspheres™ we provide you with a round black sump reservoir with a reinforced plastic lid (this has access panels to be able to get to the pump). The relevant sized pump with a built in flow valve. A concrete support for inside the sump reservoir to take the weight of the Watersphere™. The necessary hosing and connectors. The Watersphere™ itself and matching loose slate chippings. You can choose the installation service you require at an extra cost.
What is included in the Full Installation service.
As well as all the items needed to get the Watersphere™ up and running. The full installation includes excavating the area for the sump reservoir (if required). Laying a concrete base below the sump reservoir. Installation of the feature and completed with the slate chippings. Electrical connections are not included but we test all out Watersphere™s are working and flowing correctly before we leave the site.
What is your lead time?
Our lead time varies as you would expect, depending on our success at the various shows we attend. Lead time also varies depending on the size of sphere you want. The larger spheres 1.2 or 1.5m you will need to allow up to a month between placing an order and installation.We do have some flexibility in our orders so please contact us to find out the most recent lead time for your size sphere.
Where is the slate from?
It is our policy to use only local Cornish slate. The slate we use is either from Trevillet Quarry or Delabole Quarry.
Why should I choose a Jeremy Hastings Cornish Slate Watersphere™?
We pride ourselves in being handmade, using local stone from the quarry that is nearby. These large slate stones we use would otherwise be considered waste product in the quarry. Using locally sourced slate helps to reduce our Carbon footprint. We take pride in our work, the Watersphere™ is labour intensive but we feel the end result more than sells itself. From the large slate stone, it is split, shaped and made into a sphere by hand. We deliberately use thicker pieces of slate and the rounded pieces as it helps to create the rippling effect over the slate and produces a relaxing sound from the water. Making it both visually and acoustically appealing. The Watersphere™ are also extremely tactile, the wet, cold slate has an almost grounding effect. Slate itself remains cool throughout the hotter months, meaning less water is lost through evaporation. Many of our clients holiday in Cornwall and this is their way of having a little bit of Cornwall in their garden.