1m Grey Watersphere™ set as a focal point in this large walled, paved garden. The drone photo showing the excellent symmetry in this garden.

Watersphere™ Range

The Watersphere™ is made from hundreds of shaped pieces of slate, all sourced from local quarries here in Cornwall. Our expert team of craftsmen meticulously place each piece, ensuring the final result is a perfect work of art. Available in 3 different styles and multiple sizes, allowing you to pick the Watersphere™ most suited to your space. We can work with you to determine the most suitable placement of your water feature; a garden centrepiece or on top of a pond, creating a floating effect – you can be as creative as you like!

Bespoke Water Features

Jeremy is always thinking of new designs for sculptures and water features. If you have something different in mind Jeremy would love to hear about it. The Cornish Chimney, designed and built with Cornish mining heritage in mind. New for 2024 and made its debt this year at RHS Chelsea. A strikingly tall structure that mimics the Chimneys we often see throughout Cornwall. The slate is deliberately left more rugged as indicative of the real chimneys. Our semi-spheres are made the same as our full spheres with each piece uniquely handcrafted. They are self contained units with the bottom chalice containing the water, so there is no need for a separate sump reservoir. They provide that option to have a water feature in smaller areas, on patios or in flower beds where it can be surrounded by lush planting. The inside of the feature is easily accessible for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Grey Watersphere™

A stunning full sphere using the grey slate from the Cornish quarry. Each piece has been handcrafted to its unique shape so that it helps to form this tactile, mesmerising water sphere. A light grey when dry, is transformed into the striking dark grey. This often suits the more modern garden or courtyard, often complimenting structures such as summer houses and work spaces in the garden made from dark steels or Aluminium.

Rustic Watersphere™

The striking colours of the Rustic slate come alive when the water cascades down. Hand picked from the same quarry as the grey slate but with greater iron content in the stone, creating beautiful autumnal brown and orange colours. This slates compliments any browns already in the garden such as Corten steel fences or Rustic brick walls. The rustic slate is authentically Cornish and often seen in the slate walls lining the Cornwall coastal paths.