Sphere Water Features

Timeless Tranquility, Mesmerizing Elegance in Slate

True Craftsmanship

All of the slate we use is Cornish – from Trevillett Quarry & Delabole Quarry. The slate has slightly different characteristics. These characteristics are prevalent in the two colour options for the Waterspheres™, natural grey slate or a mixture of more rustic brown and grey coloured slate.

Our story

Design classic

At home in the tranquil green of your garden yet striking enough to not be out of place in an urban setting.

Our story

Built to last

A small team of craftsmen who have learnt the skill of working with slate and handcrafting this into a water feature. Impeccable standards of workmanship and production.

Installation options
Partial, full or delivery only we have installation options to suit every situation. Enquire with us today.
Sizes for every garden
From 500mm in diameter to our new 1.5m in diameter we have a size to fit your garden and budget. New for 2024 is 'The Chimney' Jeremy has taken inspiration from Cornish mining heritage and designed a water feature based on the mining chimneys.
The Skys the limit
Install on a courtyard, in a pond or even on a roof terrace, let your imagination run wild.
Made in Cornwall
Every one of our water features is lovingly handcrafted using local materials. The slate is handpicked from the quarry, then taken back to the workshop in Treburley to be split and shaped, then meticulously placed together to form the spheres.
No lifting equipment
Our water features come in ringed sections and can be placed without the need of lifting equipment. This can be easily lifted by two people down narrow walkways.
RHS Chelsea Flowers Show 2024 semi sphere on a patio top down view of water sphere 1.2m Rustic Watersphere
  • 1.2m grey semi-sphere water feature
  • 1000mm grey sphere water feature
  • 1m Rustic Slate Watersphere
  • 1.2m Grey Semi-sphere on a small raised slate pedestal set centrally on this generous patio.
  • 1.2m Grey Slate Semi-sphere on a small slate pedestal
  • 1m Grey Dry Sphere with loose slate chippings around the bottom and framed by hedging. A beautiful feature in this large garden in Woldingham
  • 1m Grey Semi-sphere on a small pedestal surrounded by grey pebbles. A great feature in this newly designed garden in The Wirrel
  • 1m Grey Watersphere™, a wider image of this sphere and its newly designed surroundings
  • 1m Grey Watersphere™ set in a shallow pool with loose slate chippings beneath, framed by boxus hedging. Location: Lamberhurst
  • 1m Grey Watersphere™ set on a shallow pool and surrounded by matching loose slate chippings
  • 1m Grey Watersphere™ with loose slate chipping beneath. Set in a brand new garden where the patio will meet the grassed area.
  • 1m Grey Watersphere™ with loose slate chippings below framed in a rectangle. This formed part of a new raised patio design in Norfolk.

Want to own your very own piece of Cornwall?