Environmental Promise

The mining industry is not considered to be the best for the environment. For every ton of roof slates produced there could be up to 30 tons of waste slate. Some of this can be used in the production of building materials and dry stone walling. The water spheres and semi-spheres all use this material, giving it new purpose and creating something of worth from a by product.

Considering the environmental impact in creating the slate we use, it is important to make the products that last and think of ways to prolong the usable life of those products. Please see a diagram of the extended product life below.


The first thing is to make sure the products are built to last as long as possible, the watersphere comes with a 10 year guarantee but is expected to last much longer.  Next is the communication with customers to help manage the maintenance of the product and help it look as good as possible for as long as possible. 

The final largest commitment is to the taking back of the product at the point when it is no longer wanted. For example if a customer moved house and the new home owner not longer wanted the feature, they could refer to the product passport and contact me to remove the feature. If possible I could then re-home it by for example, donating it to charity, or as a last resort recycle the slate into a new feature.

In this way the most use is gained from the material used.

Product Guarantee 

So that customers do not lose my contact details and know about the environmental commitment I will give a product guarantee certificate with each water sphere.