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We do offer a nationwide installation service. We can discuss your requirements and liaise with landscapers where needed. The slate sphere is constructed in sections in order to make installation less complex. All of the sculptures are built so that they can be installed by two people, without lifting equipment.

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A unique self contained water feature. Comprising of a handcrafted slate bowl with a domed top. The water ripples down the top slates but falls into the pool of water contained in the bowl to then be recirculated round again. Perfect to simply sit on an existing patio and create that wow factor without any need for a sump reservoir below. It can sit level with the ground or we can make a slate plinth to slightly raise the semi-sphere.

A stunning semi-sphere of handcrafted slate pieces, meticulously placed together to form a beautiful feature. The majority of installations have the sphere at ground level, sometimes amongst planting, integrating it into the garden. Refer to technical diagram here Link. It is also possible for the sphere to sit at water level, over a pool. Our spheres can be made in sections which allows us to install in a variety of properties, even where there is no rear access to a garden. We have installed in courtyard gardens in Notting Hill where the only access was through a house, to roof terraces in London.

Our semi-spheres can now be made so that the water cascades over the edge. This requires a sump reservoir underneath the feature so that the water can be recycled round. Additional costs apply.

  • 1.2m grey semi-sphere water feature
  • 1.2m Grey Semi-sphere on a small raised slate pedestal set centrally on this generous patio.
  • 1.2m Grey Slate Semi-sphere on a small slate pedestal
  • 1m Grey Semi-sphere on a small pedestal surrounded by grey pebbles. A great feature in this newly designed garden in The Wirrel
  • Raised 1m Grey Semi-sphere, a perfect feature in this brand new garden with such smooth clean lines.
  • 650mm (small) Grey Slate Semi-Sphere
  • 650mm Semi-sphere, positioned in among the flowers, Harpole.
  • 650mm Semi-sphere, with a raised slate column
  • 650mm Semi-sphere
  • 800mm Semi-sphere, with a raised slate column

Details & Specifications

Below is some detailed information about our water feature and how they work and how they are installed.

Water feature location

The slate sphere feature can be situated anywhere in the garden; for water features or light sculptures you will need an electrical supply. Although the products are all heavy, the they are created in sections so that they can be lifted into position by two people, thus avoiding the need for any heavy lifting equipment.

Water sphere sizes

Water feature sump (for overflowing Semi-spheres only)

A sump reservoir is only needed if you have requested the Semi-sphere to be overflowing. The majority of installations site the slate sphere at ground level with a sump reservoir buried below. The sump reservoir is filled with water. It collects the water below the water feature as it flows off the slate sphere. The pump in the reservoir pumps the water back out of the top of the feature. The sump has a lid that is covered with slate pieces.

Sump Reservoir buried in the ground

Frequently Asked

Here are some frequently asked questions

I'm not sure what size sphere to have for my garden, can you help with this?
Yes absolutely. Throughout the consultation process we can discuss your garden and where you are considering having the feature. Points to consider are often; the size of the sump reservoir needed, where the power source is, where you can enjoy the feature both through sound and sight, perhaps near a seating area? We try to cover all of the options to help you best decide, the type of slate to use and the size of sphere.
What is the difference between the two types of slate?
The slate, although sourced from the same quarry, can either be pure grey or the rustic, with the brown undertones running through it. The brown color seen in slate is typically derived from the presence of iron oxide minerals. These minerals can vary in their composition and concentration, resulting in different shades of brown. The brown color may also come from other impurities or weathering processes that affect the slate over time. The presence of brown in slate can add warmth and character to its overall appearance.